Victory Christian Academy is proud to provide a caring place for three-year-olds to grow and learn. In a nurturing atmosphere of respect and love, children participate in well-supervised and well-planned activities that foster age-appropriate developmental goals.

Kindergarten and Elementary

VCA's Kindergarten program, beginning with our VPK / K-4 class focuses on reading through a phonetic based approach. Early math skills are also taught using methods tailored to meet the needs of these young learners. Daily Bible classes are enjoyed by students and are a focus of VCA's educational program. 

The Elementary department of VCA continues to build upon the foundation laid in kindergarten. Reading comprehension, along with the formation of critical thinking skills and foundational math skills make up the largest portion of the elementary academic program. As God's Word is central at VCA, elementary students enjoy Bible classes and weekly chapel services, in addition to Biblical truths being integrated into all subject matter.

Middle School and High School

The secondary department of VCA offers a well-rounded college preparatory experience for students. In middle school critical thinking skills are stressed to prepare students for higher level classes in their future.

The accredited high school department of Victory adheres to and surpasses the graduation requirements set forth by the Florida Department of Education. Students enrolled in VCA’s high school program are given the opportunity to take honors courses in addition to participating in dual enrollment courses through various partnerships.

In addition to core academic courses, all students in the secondary department of VCA take a Bible course and attend a weekly chapel service. Biblical integration is stressed in all subjects and activities at Victory Christian Academy.

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